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Monsoon Season Atmospherics

The weather arrives from the west, while the sun sets to the northwest. Yesterday evening, the setting sun side-lit a veil of rain that was positioned between our place and Black Mesa, providing the following sequence of atmospheric effects. Continue reading

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Evening Rain and Sunset – June 4, 2016

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Springtime Nature, April 2016

It’s Springtime along the Rio Grande, here in northern New Mexico. What’s going on? The fruit trees are blooming; the turkey vultures and swallows have returned; the caddis and mayflies are coming off (and when they’re thick the trout are … Continue reading

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Peru, the Rio Marañon. Day 24, 10/22/15

This was a short day, with time to visit a series of pools above camp. Tomorrow we would arrive at Puerto Malleta, as the Grand Canyon of the Rio Marañon ended: https://believesteve.org/2015/12/31/peru-the-rio-maranon-day-25-102315/

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Stormy Evenings’ Atmospherics

On the evening of 6/14 a rainbow formed to the east, as a rain shower passed overhead, moving from west to east. These evening rain showers are a regular occurrence in the summer, and especially during our “monsoon” season, which … Continue reading

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