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Ski-Bum Winter #2, Alta and Sun Valley, 1960-61

My first ski-bum winter was spent at Winter Park, CO, in 1959/60. For my second ski-bum winter, I got a job at the Peruvian Lodge, at Alta UT. The employees were housed on the unfinished third floor. My roommate was … Continue reading

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Winter birds and more, January 2014

Drought in the Southwest It’s another warm day in January Too warm too many such days I sit by the river It’s ice-free the ducks and geese have only to duck their heads, or dive to find food This is … Continue reading

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The “Bav”

Throughout the many years that Kathy and I taught skiing at Santa Fe Ski Basin, we always enjoyed having an Optimator beer at Totemoffs, in the company of our skiing friends and fellow instructors. Then we moved up the road, … Continue reading

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Them Horses

Like them horses that only know how to plow we’re going to the snow … Indeed, to snowplow – to teach skiing In the winter, it’s all we got.

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Poem for Dawn

View From Alta Go down to the city? It stinks It smells and gives me a headache From the top, on the ridge only the smoke, haze, fog, smog can be seen The city indicated only by its shroud of … Continue reading

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Sensational Carving, an Essay on Skiing for Ski Professionals

What do we most like about skiing? Isn’t it the sensations that are unavailable in everyday life? The most basic sensation of skiing is that of smooth and unimpeded movement over the surface. This is, perhaps, a dream-like sensation, because … Continue reading

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Peak Experiences

#1. 6:00 – 6:15 AM: Waking up next to and embracing my sweetie. #2. 7:30 – 7:45 AM: Driving to work along the river and seeing five bald eagles. #3. 9:00 – 11:30 AM: Skiing in four inches of new … Continue reading

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