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Natural Happenings, Summer 2018, #2

“Beauty Happens”. That is a line from a great book on sexual selection, entitled “The Evolution Of Beauty”, by Richard O. Prum, Professor of Ornithology at Yale University. If you love studying Evolution, you’ll love this book.

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Ethan and Flo Marry! April 30, 2016

My son Ethan married Florence Landau in Cotati, CA on April 30, 2016. This is his second marriage and Flo’s first. The event started with a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday, the 29th. The wedding ceremony and reception took … Continue reading

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Lesser Goldfinches Come Around

We have a flock of lesser goldfinches visiting us here. Why they are here now, and where they’re going next, one can only guess. We’ll probably see them again in the fall, however.

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