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Rio Santa Barbara, 9-11-18

Trying to make a living on the river, during the worst drought on record, conspired to keep Kathy and me out of the mountains all summer. But September finally arrived, and we closed up shop after the conclusion of the … Continue reading

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Anting the Hatch, 6-5-18

I did not invent this phrase. One minute on Google sufficed to identify the author as Ken Miyata, who wrote an article thus titled in Fly Fisherman Magazine, Volume 13, No. 6, in 1982. When I returned from the river … Continue reading

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The Golden Ghost of the Rio Grande

Along with brown and rainbow trout, smallmouth bass and great northern pike, carp also are found in the Rio Grande. Lately, with the water very low and fairly clear, I’ve been seeing carp swimming slowly around in a few eddies. … Continue reading

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Dog Days Over!

The Dog Days of August are over! Like a lovely who says yes, a trout rises to my fly. Ah, sweet bliss! Now, that the new cooling brings the bugs out, eagerly awaited by the trout and myself. No more coy behavior, no more lockjaw. … Continue reading

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Rio Grande Fishing and Nature Report – 4/10/16

Upstream in Colorado, irrigation diversions from the Rio Grande and its tributary, the Rio Conejos, began a few days ago. This resulted in the water dropping to a fishable level, down here in New Mexico. Plenty of bugs were already on the water, but in my … Continue reading

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Catching More Photos Than Fish, Rio Grande, NM

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Travels Abroad, 1962-3, Chapter 1- Morocco, Spain, France and Germany

After spending the winter of 1961-2 ski-bumming in Stowe, Vermont, I returned home to New York with the intention of traveling to Europe, where I would spend the summer climbing in the Alps with David Hiser, afterward to travel south and … Continue reading

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The Caddis Hatch, April 10, 2015

The Caddis Hatch, April 10, 2015. On the Rio Grande, the caddis is primarily a Spring hatch, and is occurring now. This hatch often comes off  in conjunction with high and discolored water, which makes it hard or impossible to … Continue reading

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Road Trip, Part 8 – The East Walker River and Pyramid Lake, NV, Sept. 30-Oct. 5/14

Kathy and I bought 2-day Nevada fishing licenses at Ken’s Sporting Goods, in Bridgeport, in anticipation of fishing the Nevada portion of the East Walker River the following day. On the morning of Sept. 30, we left our campsite at … Continue reading

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A Weedy Summer for the Rio Grande

There is a water weed (that I have yet to identify – maybe Hydrilla?)) that has overtaken the Rio Grande. Only channels of the fastest water are free of this weed. Elsewhere, it has grown to the surface in water … Continue reading

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