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The King Donald Chronicles, #55 – Wag the Dog

It took place between his impeachment and his Senate trial. He had Iran’s top general assassinated. Do you not suppose that he did this to get the country to rally around him? “To wag the dog means to distract attention away … Continue reading

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The King Donald Chronicles, #54

IMPEACHED! The House of Representatives has found Trump guilty of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. There is no undoing this. Whether the Senate votes to remove him from office is another matter. And as much as I would … Continue reading

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The King Donald Chronicles, #53

A Regular Guy He’s a regular guy just like you and me no PC He makes fun of gimps and fat girls   He hates smart Jews and uppity niggers but knows he can’t say so   He thinks science … Continue reading

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Where I Stand On Israel

I regret that hostility to Israel is becoming increasingly prevalent around the world, as its right-wing government escalates its conflict with the Palestinian people. The latest flashpoint, Gaza, is illustrative of the continuing problem. Why are there so many Palestinians … Continue reading

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The King Donald Chronicles, #52

  Trump is making his move. The over-riding concern of the prior 51 posts of this series is now seen to be taking place. Trump is taking power as an absolute ruler. Trump’s lawyers are now asserting that he is … Continue reading

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By Our Own Hand

The disappearance of 2.9 billion birds over the past nearly 50 years was reported today in the journal Science, a result of a comprehensive study by a team of scientists from seven research institutions in the United States and Canada. Continue reading

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What Went Wrong

What Went Wrong I In the Spring of 1962, I boarded the S.S. Serbija, bound from New York City to Tangiers, Morocco. The purpose of the trip was to go climbing in the Alps. A secondary purpose was to visit … Continue reading

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