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We? Who The Hell Are We?

              “We? Who The Hell Are We?” Looked at in the fullness of time we humans are a problem only for ourselves evolution will replenish the planet once we are removed   We will … Continue reading

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The Donald vs. Kim Jung-un. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

The Donald vs. Kim Jung-un. Stop and consider that for a moment! The world’s most powerful country vs. the world’s only nuclear-armed pariah state. The greatest megalomaniac in the recent history of the American Presidency vs. the world’s longest-standing totalitarian regime. … Continue reading

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Assault Rifles

Some men fall in love with assault rifles, and dream of using them for their intended purpose. And some men fulfill that dream, using their assault rifles to mow down their fellow human beings. Who does this? It is men … Continue reading

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The “Threat” from North Korea

Do you feel threatened by North Korea’s possible acquisition of an ICBM nuclear capability? I don’t. Maybe I’m stupid, or something. And what’s with this “non-proliferation” thing? Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about “the nuclear club”: “There are eight … Continue reading

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Alpha Males are What’s Wrong in the World

I know what is wrong in the world. It’s Alpha males. But I don’t know how to remedy that, and there is a strong likelihood that it cannot be remedied. But read on … I earned a Masters Degree from … Continue reading

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The Donald Chronicles, #47 – May 7, 2017

I’m bringing this series of posts to an end. I no longer wish to watch the news, because I’ve become allergic to you-know-who. I’m not saying that I won’t change my mind later. I could. But, for the time being, … Continue reading

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National Monuments At Risk

The continuing menace that is Donald Trump has now taken aim at what is most near and dear to my heart – namely, the outdoor heritage that I, and all Americans, cherish. Trump has taken aim at our National Monuments, one … Continue reading

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