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The set of blogs devoted to this topic will, when complete, amount to an autobiography of sorts

The Salt River, AZ , Part 1, March 20-22

A combination of low water years and no success in the annual lottery kept us away from our second most favorite river in Arizona for 7 years. We had first run the 52 mile Salt River Canyon in 1982, and … Continue reading

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Ski Trip with the Levys, Tahoe Donner, 4-3 to 4-7, 2017

On April 3, Kathy and I flew into Reno, and rented a car for the drive uphill to Tahoe Donner, a subdivision of expensive vacation homes where Kathy’s daughter Laina and family were spending Spring Break at their rented “ski … Continue reading

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The Donald Chronicles, #2 – Jan. 21, 2017

Yesterday (1-20-17), following on the heels of his Inauguration, The Donald could not wait to inflict pain on the less fortunate. Within his first hour in office ” … Trump … made it more expensive for every single American to buy a home, by … Continue reading

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Bay Area Shore Birds, 11-16

While Kathy and I were in the Bay Area, visiting our families over the Thanksgiving holiday, my son Ethan and wife Flo presented me with an early X-mas present: a Nikon Coolpix P900 Superzoom camera! Up till now, I have been using the … Continue reading

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Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Pyramid Lake, NV – Nov. 19 to 21, 2016

Click on the link if you are not seeing the full post. Ethan and I got in a long weekend at Pyramid Lake, prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. We again stayed at Crosby’s, in Sutcliffe, which is about as convenient … Continue reading

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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Kathy and I visited Sequoia National Park in 2007. We visited again this Fall (9-16), and added a visit to the adjacent Kings Canyon National Park. We first drove the long, narrow and windy road to Mineral King, which neither of … Continue reading

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The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, Fall 2016 – #3

Part #2 ended with Bedrock Rapid, Mile 131. This 3rd and final part begins with Deubendorff Rapid, Mile 132. The links to Parts #1 and #2 are to be found at the end of this post. Day 13 (con’t.) At … Continue reading

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