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Changes Inc., Havasu Canyon, Winter 1970

Changes Inc. was a federally-funded Outward Bound-style program, headquartered in Las Cruces, NM. An educator by the name of William O. Evans had talked the United States Post Office Dep’t. into making  their ubiquitous facilities available for store-front schools in blighted urban … Continue reading

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Why I Quit Graduate School

It was 1964. After a year and a half abroad, I returned to the US, sick with hepatitis. How did I get hepatitis? It was from a non-disposable needle used for my yellow fever inoculation. That was in Iran. My … Continue reading

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The Candy Factory, a “cautionary tale” I wrote sometime around 1968 or 70

The Candy Factory A Cautionary Tale of Cultural Evolution and Redemption by Steve Miller written sometime in the late 1960s or early 70s I Once upon a time, in a beautiful land not very far away, there lived a group … Continue reading

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