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I am a photographer and have published a book of photography and accompanying text on running the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The first (print) edition is out of print, but a second edition is available as an iBook (eBook) through the iTunes bookstore. All Grand Canyon, river and nature lovers will enjoy my book: I have also published two additional iBooks: 1. The Salt River: 2. Coyote Buttes:

Rio Grande – Google Earth Maps & More #1

This is the first of four posts that contain Google Earth maps of four stretches of the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico. From upstream to downstream, they are the Taos Box, Orilla Verde Recreation Area, the Racecourse and the … Continue reading

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Compositing and Honesty

Originally posted on Crest, Cliff & Canyon:
Questions regarding the ethics and taste of digitally composited photos have been a hot topic on the landscape photography internet recently. Issues surrounding manipulation of photographs are as old as photography itself, but…

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Rio Grande Bighorns

In the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, NM State Rd 567 climbs from Taos Junction Bridge, where it spans the Rio Grande, to the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge. At this time of the year, a bighorn herd … Continue reading

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The Rio Grande in Rocks

Just downstream of Taos Junction Rapid, on the Rio Grande of northern New Mexico, is a group of basalt rocks that, at high water, are vigorously washed by strong currents. The sediment carried by the high water sculpts and polishes … Continue reading

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On Aging

I will be 78 next month. Although the advance of aging differs considerably from person to person, I now consider myself to be “old”. How does it feel to be old? For me, it’s not at all pleasant. Every day, … Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines Aerial Views, 12-19-17 and 12-26-17

After visiting the West Coast earlier in the month, Kathy and I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area for the Holidays. The round-trip flights on this occasion provided lots of photographic opportunities. For the the Albuquerque to Oakland flight … Continue reading

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Albany, CA, Dec. 2017

Terrace Park Peralta Street

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