The King Donald Chronicles, #60 – Selling Pardons for Criminals (Revised)

On Sept. 22, 2019, I changed the title of a series of posts from “The Donald Chronicles” to the “The King Donald Chronicles”. Well, and VERY regrettably, in these few short months since that date, DT has proved me right. This has been especially the case in the period following his recent impeachment acquittal by the Senate. He is, in the last couple of weeks, exercising King-like power. He has the Dept’ of Justice doing his bidding, has decapitated the Intelligence services and is pardoning criminals who are currently doing time. This last deserves a closer look.


This what I wrote yesterday: Clearly, these white-collar criminals will do whatever dirty work he may wish to assign them. Will we see him appoint one or more to his Administration? Or will he keep them undercover? And, perhaps more important, these pardons vividly express his contempt for the rule of law. He is showing us both what he is capable of and inclined towards. To quote Masha Gessen: “Believe the Autocrat”.

This is what I’m adding the day after: Last night (Friday, 2-21-20), Rachel Maddow  provided the most predictable and obvious explanation for at least  some of the pardons. He is selling them. Catch that TRMS show to learn all the gory details.

What else has he already told us, on numerous occasions?  That he is entitled to more years in office than the law allows, and maybe an unlimited occupancy of the Office. You can bet that he salivates over the idea of becoming President-For-Life. I’ll give you odds that he will actually come out and say exactly that within the year. But first, he has to win in 2020. And who can best assist him in that (as was the case in 2016), than his best buddy and role model – Putin. DT’s firing of the top officials in the Office of National Intelligence was about keeping his dependance on Putin as quiet as possible. He needs and wants Russia to carry on with its disinformation and other tricks, to influence the 2020 election in his favor. He believes, and we worry, that if he is re-elected in 2020 he will never, thereafter, be removed from office.

The original title of this series: “The Donald Chronicles”, was based, of course, on DT’s nickname: “The Donald”. The nickname actually originated in 1989 with his wife Ivana, who was not so good with English at the time. And then it morphed into a derisive reference – that DT was a ludicrous figure.

But now, in light of all that has happened since, it’s not at all funny. Not in the least. We have an evil clown sitting in the White House, calling the shots. And when he has ascended to Emperor Donald or President-For Life, he will, without doubt, search out all his critics (it will be easy), and put us up against the wall. Putin, in Russia, does it every day – why shouldn’t he?

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  1. Woody Wang says:

    Defining corruption, bribery, and influence peddling down and collecting campaign contributions. It’s a two fer!


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