The Donald Chronicles, #48 – Hitler wannabe

I begin again with “The Donald Chronicles”. I wrote 47 posts on the subject of Donald Trump in the period of time that immediately followed his taking office – January 20 to May 7, 2017. Then I ran out of steam on the topic. But now that this Hitler wannabe says he wants six years in office, I’m steamed up enough to re-enter the blogosphere.

This is it. DT has forbidden everyone now or formerly in his administration from testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, and will not let his stooge, Barr, hand over the complete Mueller Report. Push is about to come to shove. The House Committee will recommend charging Barr with contempt of Congress, and the full House will likely go along. What then?

A couple of nights ago, Rachel Maddow assured her listeners that our country has been through this before, with Nixon. Since Nixon lost the Presidency, her assumption is that the same will hold true for Trump. But I’m not re-assured. I don’t recall Nixon having a Republican Party so committed to enabling the President’s criminality, as is the case with Trump.

Why is this? It’s because they are ALL on the take. They ALL have their pockets stuffed with Russian and other shady money. ALL of our Republican legislators are compromised. A very enlightening essay that appeared in the March edition of The Atlantic magazine goes a long ways towards explaining where much of the money in politics comes from. By staff writer Franklin Foer, it is entitled: “How Kleptocracy Came to America”. Here is the link:

I am not calling wolf when I say that our democracy now hangs in the balance. I cannot abide a Trump dictatorship. Can you? Trump and his toadies must be stopped!




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