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Saving the World

I was born in 1940. About fifteen years later, my eyes opened to the world, and I didn’t like what I saw. The Cold War was upon us, and we were drilled at school to get under our desks in … Continue reading

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How Do You Deal with Chicken Lice?

It was a long time ago – back in the 70s. Kathy and I had been invited to take a look at a commune of sorts, located at a hot springs in southern New Mexico. We had a number of … Continue reading

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Rio Santa Barbara, 9-11-18

Trying to make a living on the river, during the worst drought on record, conspired to keep Kathy and me out of the mountains all summer. But September finally arrived, and we closed up shop after the conclusion of the … Continue reading

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Miscegenation is a term not often encountered nowadays. A contemporary definition is: “the interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial types” (Mac Dictionary). While this definition attempts to be value-neutral, the initial syllable of the word: “Mis-” informs us … Continue reading

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9/11. It’s Not Going Away …

As though we don’t have enough to worry about, what with the Mad King enthroned in the West Wing. Don’t we have, at the moment, quite enough on our plates, without being asked to think about 9/11? Followers of this … Continue reading

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Natural Happenings #5, Early Sept. 2018

Making apple juice! One of our star guides, Orlando Torres, gave us the use of his press Continue reading

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Natural Happenings #4, Summer’s End, 2018

The summer of little water has come to an end. Now, birds are migrating south and the apple harvest has begun. What else? Pray for snow … and vote Blue in November!! We must rid ourselves of this anti-environment administration!

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