Birding in the Ecuadorian Andes, Day 7

Day #7

The Cabañas San Isidro are located in thick rainforest, at an elevation of 6800′. Birds abound. And not to be completely outdone by Refugio Paz de las Aves, they have a trained Antpitta of their own!

White-bellied Antpitta.

Green Jay

White-bellied Woodstar

Long-tailed Sylph

Long-tailed Sylph

Chestnut-breasted Coronet

Cinnamon Flycatcher

Fawn-breasted Brilliant

Tropical Kingbird

Black Agouti


The lodge is located in the valley of the Rio Cosanga

The valley of the Rio Cosanga  is included in the Reserva Ecologica Antisana

On our first morning, we drove back down to the town of Baeza, which we had passed through the evening before. The area around Baeza is also called the Baeza Bypass. Baeza is located on the Rio Quijos, which is joined by the Rio Cosanga a short ways downstream. We then did a combination of bus and walking birding in the area.

Red-breasted Blackbird, in a field adjacent to the highway

Rio Quijos, upstream view

Rio Quijos and tributary, upstream view

Blue and White Swallows



Steep-sided mountain to the east, in the Cordillera de Guacamayo

Southern Lapwing

At a considerable distance, a White-bellied Woodstar

Alejandro, our host at San Isidro, made the claim that there were more rivers in this part of Ecuador than in any other similar-sized region in the world.

Scenes along the Rio Cosanga.

From high on the road, we witnessed what appeared to be a courtship contest between two male Torrent Ducks, for the attentions of a female Torrent Duck.

Female Torrent Duck

Two males and a female Torrent Duck

Two males and a female Torrent Duck

Female Torrent Duck

Tomorrow, we would travel to the east side of the Cordillera de Guacamayo, and the Loreto Rd.

Kathy, at the Cascada Hollin










From there, we returned the way we had come, stopping here and there along the way.

Handwash at roadside restaurant, with ginger plant behind and toilets beyond …

… and this waterfall across the road


This had been our last full day! But tomorrow, on our return to the Quito area, we would make our last birding stop at Guango Lodge, located near the town of Papallacta.

Collared Inca, at Guango Lodge

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  1. shutterbug says:

    Looks like a fabulous trip!


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