Birding in the Ecuadorian Andes, Day 3

Day #3 

We had arrived at Sachatamia Lodge the evening before, to be greeted by a bunch of beautiful new birds at the plentiful feeding stations and hummingbird feeders. Nice place!

Sachatamia Lodge

We were up early (the beginning of what I came to call “birding boot camp”) to look at the mixed flock of birds in the trees surrounding the parking lot. After breakfast we took a hike through the magnificant forest that surrounds the lodge.

Flame (Lemon)-rumped Tanager female

Rusty-Margined Flycatcher


Smokey Peewee

Smokey Peewee

Beryl-spangled Tanager



FernSachatamiaBZ DSCN9800



Blue-grey Tanager

In the afternoon, we drove to the pretty village of Mindo, which is located in a valley to the side and downhill of the main highway and Sachatamia Lodge. There, we visited the Chocolate Factory (a worthwhile stop) and checked out the two local rivers:

Rio Mindo


Local recreation

Rio Nambillo and bougainvilla

Rio Nambillo

Rio Nambillo

Dramatic scenery!

Torrent Tyrannulet, Rio Nambillo

Torrent Tyrannulet, Rio Nambillo

Afterwards, we drove to a tilapia rearing operation, located in the lower valley of the Rio Alambi. There we saw two species of kingfisher. We then visited the nearby village of Santa Marianita.

Black Phoebe

Two Black vultures hang out on a rock alongside the Rio Alambi, adjacent to the tilapia ponds

Swallow tanager female

Rio Alambi

Rio Alambi

Kathy and the sign at the Rio Alambi bridge. “Vado” means “ford” in Spanish.

Church in Santa Marianita

Soccer field, Santa Marianita

Granite boulder, Santa Marianita

Santa Marianita

Rooster, Santa Marianita

Torrent Tyrannulet on a granite boulder, Rio Alambi

We then returned to Sachatamia for dinner, the day’s bird count and sleep. Our new routine had become established – eat, sleep, bird, repeat.

Link to Day #4:

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2 Responses to Birding in the Ecuadorian Andes, Day 3

  1. @doryowen says:

    Thanks for sharing all the fantastic photos.
    What do think about possibly a female Swallow Tanager instead of Grass-Green Tanager?
    Has the lighter feathering above beak and you can just see the barring on flank.


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