The Donald Chronicles, #33 – Mar. 1, 2017

*The speech. DH started well, by condemning the hate murder of an Indian national in Kansas, hate threats against Jewish centers and the desecration of a Jewish cemetery. I got the feeling, however, that an advisor or advisors told him that he had no choice but to address those matters. His speech demonstrated that he could, without any ranting or raving, confine himself to the script. The was even a moment of humor (although unintended) when he mentioned preserving “clean air and water”. He did allow himself an extra “great”, when stating that he would build a “… great, great wall”. And, he occasionally pointed to the Democratic side of the aisle when making a point that implicated the Democrats in one way or another, but it was hard to decipher whether that was meant as an invitation to the Dems to join him, or a reproach for Dem opposition.

The speech was, otherwise, nothing new. It was simply a mechanical recitation of his platform. In case you missed it, here is Bernie Sander’s clear-eyed response, which is worth 15 minutes of your time:


And the last word goes to Andy Borowitz:

“Please, let’s have a reality check about last night. Just because someone doesn’t have a psychotic episode on national TV does not mean he was being “presidential.” #lowbar



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1 Response to The Donald Chronicles, #33 – Mar. 1, 2017

  1. Jim H Fuge says:

    I didn’t know you did this site Steve, looks quite extensive and I look forward to surveying it.

    This piece by Sanders is well done,..however I’m surprised he got the military increase amount Trumps pushing wrong ,..repeatedly. The amount is $54 billion not $84 billion. Also my research is that the US spends the amount of the next 7 countries on military ,..not 12. Both points don’t fundementally change by these differences but it shows that he is not having these pieces reviewed for accurate facts ,..and that hurts the core of his otherwise valid points.


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