The Donald Chronicles, #8 – Jan. 28, 2017

Who is going to save us from Trump?

In a prior post I stated that we must now rely on the Republican Party to remove Trump. Garrison Keillor makes that same point, below:

“Garrison Keillor: Trump is what he is, and God help us now”

“Everyone knows that the man is a fabulator, oblivious, trapped in his own terrible needs. Republican, Democrat, libertarian, socialist, white supremacist, or sebaceous cyst — everyone knows it. It is up to Republicans to save the country from this man. They elected him and it is their duty to tie a rope around his ankle … How long will Senate Republicans wait until a few of them stand up to the man?”, from the Tulsa Times, Jan. 26, 2017

Here is a post on the same subject from Robert Reich (today):

“Bill Kristol, Republican writer and pundit, and editor of the conservative “Weekly Standard,” writes in this week’s edition:

‘We have, not to put too fine a point on it, a talented demagogue as president. Demagogues have always been among us, and have always been understood as a threat to liberal democracy. … The Republican party has a special obligation. … They and only they will be in a position, in some circumstances at least, to act to prevent demagoguery from overwhelming deliberation, to stop willfulness and arbitrariness from replacing reflection and choice. Indeed, if they fail to take on this responsibility, it is not clear others could do so in their place.’ But will the Republican Party rise to the occasion? ”

Trump’s ban on Muslim refugees:

Bernie Sanders:
“Demagogues survive politically by fostering hatred, especially against minorities. They try to divide people up by their religion, country of origin or the color of their skin. By temporarily barring all immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries and giving preference to Christian refugees, Trump is doubling down on the hateful rhetoric he used during his campaign. Further, he is breaking with the historic tradition of the U.S. and turning his back on those men, women and children fleeing violence, oppression, and starvation. Trump’s latest executive action will not make us safer. In fact, his anti-Muslim actions play right into the hands of those anti-American fanatics who wish to do us harm. Love and compassion trumps hatred and intolerance.”

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day. One person in the Trump administration may have spent some time thinking about the Holocaust. That’s Jared Kushner, Trump’s adviser and son-in-law. Kushner’s grandmother, Rae Kushner, barely survived the Holocaust:

“Nobody Wanted to Take Us In: The Story of Jared Kushner’s Family, and Mine

As Trump prepares to ban refugees, it’s worth remembering the Jews who were shut out from our country the last time we closed our borders—like Jared Kushner’s grandmother.”

“Yet one survivor whose story still reverberates is a woman named Rae Kushner. Eloquent and soft-spoken, with a sense of sadness but not rancor, Kushner recorded her story for the Kean College of New Jersey Holocaust Resource Center in 1982. Delivered in a quiet Yiddish-inflected accent, hers is a tale of devastation and tragedy—of a young woman whose family lived in Eastern Europe before the war and, finding that “the door was closed” to the United States and elsewhere, ended up victims of the Nazis. But it’s also a tale of stunning perseverance, in which a teenage girl managed to survive the brutality of the ghetto, the death of half of her immediate family, the white-gloved sadism of her German tormentors, and a year of fear and exposure in the vast Naliboki forest. As she said in the interview: ‘It’s just miracles that we are alive.'”

Did Jared Kushner perhaps see a parallel between his grandmother’s story and what Trump is now up to? If so, did he attempt to intervene, before DT  issued his Executive Order barring Syrian and other Muslim refugees and immigrants? One would hope that Kushner is a humanitarian, and not simply an anti-Arab bigot. But we’ll probably never know for sure.

I traveled, a long time ago, through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. While in Israel, I visited with a Bedouin family. What did I learn about Muslims, both Arab and otherwise? I learned that Islam regards hospitality to strangers as a duty, and I experienced this first-hand. I treasure those experiences, and object to seeing this vast group of people (23 % of global population) so hurtfully stereotyped.

Let’s tell the truth about what is going on with us and the Muslim countries of the Middle East. The West has been fucking this region over since dividing it up after WWI. If we really want to promote peace in the region (and get the ISIS target off our back) we must pull up stakes and get the hell out of there, in as complete a fashion as possible. But this will not, of course, happen under the Trump administration.

What else?

*Trump has stated that he believes that torture works.

*Trump has muzzled some of his agencies, most particularly the EPA.

*Trump has launched an official investigation into the “voter fraud” that he maintains cost him the popular vote. He appears incapable of letting this one go.

*Trump has authorized “extreme vetting”.

*Trump has ordered construction on the border wall to begin and has needlessly insulted the President of Mexico.

*Trump has ordered a compiling of crimes by illegal aliens against American citizens. This is to prove that we really need a border wall, of course.

That’s enough Trump for now. I’m going birding.

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