The Donald Chronicles, #2 – Jan. 21, 2017

Yesterday (1-20-17), following on the heels of his Inauguration, The Donald could not wait to inflict pain on the less fortunate. Within his first hour in office ” … Trump … made it more expensive for every single American to buy a home, by rolling back the Obama Administration’s reduction in monthly mortgage insurance premiums – enacted a mere 11 days ago – charged to buy a home. Trump’s choice will cost the average new home buyer about $45 a month and applies to all insured home-buyers seeking a mortgage to buy a home, that is insured by the Housing and Urban Development.” (occupydemocrats)

Why did he do that? Anyone? Was it motivated, simply, by vengeance – a chance to get back at Obama for … what? Without attempting an explanation of this action, this is what Chuck Schumer, on the floor of the Senate, had to say about it:

That was yesterday. Today saw the Womens March on Washington, with sister marches being held in cities across the country. My wife Kathy traveled from New Mexico to meet up, in DC, with her daughter Laina and granddaughter Kara, who traveled from California.

Left to right: Laina Levy, Kathy Hammerlee Miller and Kara Levy

Left to right: Laina Levy, Kathy Hammerlee Miller and Kara Levy

The attendance in DC so far exceeded expectations that an actual organized march could not be held. But that really didn’t matter. The sheer number of people (now being estimated at a half-million!) who had traveled to Washington to attend this protest made a statement that won’t soon be forgotten. Moreover, the March organizers had brought together a group of speakers and presenters, drawn from amongst the nation’s finest female artists, office holders, unionists, political and NGO organizers/activists and intellectuals. To name a few: Senator Kamala Harris, Alicia Keyes, Angela Davis, Cecile Richards (Planned Parenthood), Ashley Judd, Randi Weingarten (AFT), Madonna. Ashley Judd’s presentation was electrifying, and made it onto FB before the end of the day, along with Madonna’s no-holds-barred speech, and others. Also present, and up on the stage, were the mothers of five black men who had been killed by police. We are all now familiar with Trump’s agenda, and the speakers addressed each and every concern. Kamala Harris made the point that the protest was not simply about “womens’ issues”, because the goal of obtaining justice in all things is the real womens’ issue.

Meanwhile, The Donald made a visit to the CIA. VP Pence’s introductory remarks stressed that this visit was The Donald’s first visit on his first full day in office. So it was intended to be an olive branch, but The Donald’s rambling and nearly incoherent speech was more about how the press was still lying about him than anything else, and included a claim that the media was lying about the numbers of people who attended the Inauguration vs. Obama’s 2009 Inauguration. But a picture is worth a thousand words, and side-by-side comparative photos made it perfectly clear that the numbers at the latter far exceeded the numbers at the former.

Also hurriedly signed after his Inauguration was an executive order aimed at the repeal of the ACA. We’ll learn more about that in the days to come, while we await details on his claim that he will provide health insurance to everyone ….

The line has been drawn. It is the Trump administration against the American people.

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