President-elect Trump

Recent developments now confirm that President-elect Trump said anything, promised anything, that would get him elected. His campaign was an outrageous con job, aimed at the white working class, at those who were fed up with Washington (for whatever reason), at those who had had enough of liberal political correctness, at bigots and racists and at other malcontents.

Now, as we see his cabinet picks, it’s clear that he was, indeed, lying about everything. He will most decidedly not be “draining the swamp”. His cabinet picks show us that he is interested in one thing only. His sole agenda is to provide big business with every opportunity to make yet more money. His cabinet, in concert with a Republican Congress, will attempt to roll-back every piece of legislation from the last 50 years forward that places any impediment on business. A secondary (and consistent) aim is to roll-back all legislation that redistributes income to the needy.

Thus, he is showing himself to be the perfect Republican President-to-be. Through Trump, the Republican Party is likely to win the battle to undo the reforms of FDR, Lyndon Johnson and other Democrat Presidents that it has waged for the last half-century.

Finally, we now see that Trump is not a fascist ideologue. His ideology is, simply, himself.

About Evensteven

I am a photographer and author, and live in Embudo, New Mexico, alongside the Rio Grande. I have published a book of photography and accompanying text on running the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The first (print) edition is out of print, but a second edition is available as an iBook (eBook) through the iTunes bookstore. All Grand Canyon, river and nature lovers will enjoy my book: The Grand: I have also published six additional iBooks: 1. The Salt River: 2. Coyote Buttes: 3. Four Cornered, the Land: 4. Four Cornered, The Rivers: 5. Rio Marañon: 6. Rio Grande:
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