The Rufous Hummingbird – a few angles

The Rufous hummers have arrived in force, now on their way south. They join the regulars – the Black-chinned hummers. Also around is an occasional Broad-tailed hummer. The Broad-tails arrived early in the season, and then mostly went to upper elevations. When a male visits, he announces his presence with the unmistakable whistling produced by his wings. And we’ve seen one Calliope, so far.

The male Rufous is a spectacular bird, and like other hummingbirds, presents a changing array of colors in his gorget, depending on the position of the the bird’s head. Here are a few “angles” on the Rufous.


Side view, facing away from the sun – no reflectance


Sun-lit front view, with maximum gold reflectance and brilliance


A few degrees off of a direct front view, with less reflectance, and the gold mixing with green


Side view, with only red


More to the side, with  a little red

The chain seen in these photos supports the stovepipe of our hot tub, the feeder and provides a perch for the birds while awaiting their turn, or, as is the case with the male Rufous, a position from which to drive off competitors.

Stovepipe and chain

Stovepipe and chain

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3 Responses to The Rufous Hummingbird – a few angles

  1. Nicely captured for a bird that is extremely difficult to do so.


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