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Springtime Nature, May 28, 2016

It was a BIG nature day yesterday. The Pincushion cactus bloomed! This is a native cactus, a specimen of which is situated a few yards from the house. Then, in the evening, while down by the river, we detected, for the first time, the fragrance of … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Motorcycle Mayhem

‘Every motor vehicle must be equipped with a muffler that prevents “excessive or unusual” noise.’ That is New Mexico state law, which also requires that motorcyclists wear helmets. But, as is painfully apparent on this overly-noisy Memorial Day weekend, these laws … Continue reading

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Springtime Nature, May 2016 #2

Is the Springtime not the most uplifting season of the year? All the swallows are now in attendance, a succession of cacti come into bloom and the fruit is swelling on the trees. Probably three or more species of swallow are now … Continue reading

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Springtime Nature, May 2016

Earlier, the month of May was rainy and cold. But the developing peaches and other fruit survived some frosts and a torrential hail storm that tore leaves off the trees. Now, things have warmed-up, and everything is as beautiful as one can imagine. The … Continue reading

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9/11 and the Emperor’s New Clothes

I am NOT normally a conspiracy theorist. I distrust most conspiracy theories I come across. But that is not to say that conspiracies don’t exist. Of course they do. I wish to talk here about the possibility that the official version … Continue reading

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Birds, May 15, 2016

We have both migratory and stay-put birds around the house right now – at Embudo, NM, alongside the Rio Grande. The non-migratory birds include Canyon towhees (one or two pairs), Spotted towhees, House Finches, the occasional White-breasted nuthatch and Black-capped chickadees. … Continue reading

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Reed Pinnacle – My Last Climb in Yosemite Valley, Spring, 1966

In the Spring of 1966, I was re-enrolled at UC-Berkeley, and went up to the Valley to get in some climbing. I joined up with Jim Bridwell and Kim Schmitz, to do the regular route on Reed Pinnacle, a down valley climb … Continue reading

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