Yellowstone N.P. Backcountry Ski Tour, 1980

The snow coach from the South Entrance dropped us off at the Heart Lake trailhead, and we skied into the Witch Creek and Heart Lake thermal areas. On our last night coming out, we set up our tent on some snow-free ground that was being warmed by underground heat. This was on the advice of Harry Frishman, who was a big practical joker. We started getting seriously baked, but chose not to try to set up the tent elsewhere, because it was snowing heavily. Our butter got melted! We had to sleep on top of our sleeping bags and all our clothes. What a crazy night! The next day, back at the road, the snow was soft and sticky, making it impossible to glide downhill towards the South Entrance. Luckily, a couple of rangers on snowmobiles came by and gave us a lift. They drove very fast, which was pretty hair-raising. Here is my Flickr collection.

Snow coach


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2 Responses to Yellowstone N.P. Backcountry Ski Tour, 1980

  1. Jackson says:

    Perhaps Harry just wanted to share the experiential fruits of his own bad judgment. I dimly recall one of Libby’s stories in which he didn’t want to leave a hot spring because it was chilly out, and thereby committed himself to a miserable, restless night in hot water.


  2. believesteve says:

    Yes, he wanted to share. He was a BIG practical joker!


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