Peru, Lima 11/5-6/15

We had spent no time in Lima upon our arrival. Now, we were going to spend the night in Miraflores, the nicest district of the city. We had made reservations for the Hotel Antigua, and this is the reason why: at the airport in Albuquerque, the American Airlines ticket agent, when she learned that we were going to Peru, said that she was Peruvian. She went on to say that her sister was the chef of this very nice hotel – the Hotel Antigua – and that the bar there served the widest variety of piscos in Lima. That was enough for us.

1. AntiguaKathNov042015_7816

Kathy, at the entry to the Hotel Antigua

2. Antigua Nov042015_7799

Hotel Antigua

3. Antigua Nov042015_7794

Hotel Antigua

3.5 KathBubbleBathNov042015_7793

Kathy takes a bubble bath

4. Antigua Nov042015_7797

The lobby

5. Antigua Nov042015_7798


6. Antigua Nov042015_7806

A small dining room

7. Antigua Nov042015_7804

A selection of food art and flavored piscos

Flavored piscos

Flavored piscos


Art, on the wall at the Hotel Antigua

10. AntiguaPots Nov042015_7817

Pots, on the front lawn

12. AntiguaGladiola Nov042015_7818

Gladiola, on the front lawn

13. CJ&CarlaNov052015_7781

CJ and Carla, the chef, who was very hospitable

The hotel was within walking distance of all the places of interest in Miraflores.

14. CoffeeShop Nov042015_7821

A cafe at an Indian market

15. CJ&Kath Nov052015_7729

CJ and Kathy, with purchases from the Indian markets

16. Girls Nov052015_7738

Two big city girls

17. LionStatue Nov052015_7730

Lion statue in the Miraflores Ovalo (oval)

18. Park Nov052015_7736

Flowers in the John F. Kennedy park

19. Park Nov052015_7733

Flowers in the John F. Kennedy park

20. ParkMarigolds Nov052015_7734

Flowers in the John F. Kennedy park

Surfers and Rosa Nautica, at Miraflores Beach

Surfers and the Rosa Nautica, at Miraflores Beach

22. MirafloresBeachNov052015_7773

Beach at Miraflores

23. Beach Nov052015_7754

Beach at Miraflores

25. LoversStatue Nov052015_7753

Statue at the Parque de Amor (Park of Love)

27. Park Nov052015_7752

Park of Love

28. Park Nov052015_7758

Park of Love

29. Park Nov052015_7760

Park of Love

30. Park Nov052015_7762

Park of Love

31. Park Nov052015_7765

Parque Antonio Raimondi. Raimondi was a celebrated Peruvian naturalist, of Italian birth.

32. Long-tailed mockingbird Nov052015_7763

Long-tailed mockingbird (juvenile?)

Statue of Antonio Cisneros, Peruvian poet, and Kathy

Kathy, and statue of Antonio Cisneros, Peruvian poet

33. Statue Nov052015_7771

Statue of Antonio Cisneros, detail

34. DaturaTreeNov052015_7777

Peruvian trumpets (genus Brugmansia)

35. RedHouseNov052015_7780

Red house, just off of the Ovalo Bolognesi

36. VermilionFlycatcherLima Nov052015_7778

Vermilion flycatcher, in the Ovalo Bolognesi

37. VermilionFlycatcherLima Nov052015_7779

Vermilion flycatcher, in the Ovalo Bolognesi. The traffic is heavy, and the flycatcher looks both ways.

We had a great dinner at the Alfresco Seafood Restaurant, on the Malecon Balta (which we happened to stumble onto). As it got dark, we returned to the hotel, picked-up our stuff and took a cab to the airport. Our flight was at 1 AM. Kathy and I were invited to use the Admiral’s Club – free buffet and very cosy leather upholstered chairs. And then we flew Business Class back home!

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