Peru, Moyobamba 11/2-3/15

Moyobamba (#7 on map below), at an elevation of 2877′, is called the Orchid Capital of Peru, and Waqanki Orchid Gardens is the place to go when there.

Northern Peru Area Map (click on map to enlarge)

Northern Peru Area Map (click on map to enlarge)


Entry sign at Waqanki

Waqanki also has hummingbird feeders and hummingbirds.

White-necked jacobin hummingbird

White-necked Jacobin hummingbird at Waqanki

As though by design, Waqanki is clustered with the San Mateo Baños Termales (hot springs) and the Casa de Seizo, a small hotel frequented by birders. Each is within a five-minute walk of the other. Waqanki has its own accommodations, as well (Fruiteater Lodge).

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website:, records hundreds of bird species seen at Waqanki and the Casa de Seizo. What a great place! But first, the orchids and flowers.


Garden scene

Orchid Oct312015_8205

Orchid Oct312015_8207

Orchid Oct312015_8208

Orchid Oct312015_8209

Orchid Oct312015_8210

Orchid Oct312015_8214

Orchid Oct312015_8215

Orchid Oct312015_8216

Orchid Oct312015_8217

Orchid Oct312015_8219

Orchid Oct312015_8220

Orchid Oct312015_8221

Orchid Oct312015_8222

Orchid Oct312015_8223

Orchid Oct312015_8224

Orchid Oct312015_8228

Orchid Oct312015_8230

Orchid Oct312015_8233

Orchid Oct312015_8239

Orchid Oct312015_8280\Orchid Oct312015_8282

Orchid Oct312015_8292

Orchid Oct312015_8295

Orchid Oct312015_8278

Orchid? Oct312015_8227

BananaFlower Oct312015_8198

Flower Oct312015_8276

OrchidOrFlower Oct312015_8275

Flower(Ginger?) Oct312015_8245

Flower(Ginger?) Oct312015_8277


Our guide and daughter of the owner, Estelle

A short distance uphill from the orchids were the feeders and observation structure.

Golden-tailed Sapphire hummingbirds

Golden-tailed Sapphire hummingbird

The male Rufous-crested Coquette humminbird

The male Rufous-crested Coquette hummingbird (Britt Runyon photo). The male is extremely showy when he has his crest erect and fanned-out.

Rufous-crested Coquette female

Rufous-crested Coquette female

Rufous-crested Coquette male

Rufous-crested Coquette male

This blurred photo of the Rufous-crested Coquette male (above) was taken as he darted in and out of thick foliage, where the female (below) was perched. This appeared to be a mating ritual, in which the male was engaged in courtship feeding of the female.

3. Rufous-crestedCoquetteFemaleOct312015_8271

Rufous-crested Coquette female

5. White-neckedJacobin Oct312015_8252

White-necked Jacobin

8. White-neckedJacobinOct312015_8273

White-necked Jacobin

Gray-breastedSaberwing Oct312015_8270

Gray-breasted Saberwing


Many-spotted hummingbird

6. White-neckedJacobin Oct312015_8263

I tentatively ID this bird as the Fork-tailed Woodnymph

Our guided tour of the orchid garden and hummingbird feeders was rather brisk, and we would have preferred more time. In addition, there are hiking trails on the property that birders regularly visit. If we were to visit there again, we would dispense with a guided tour and request an unhindered visit, with plenty of time to hike and observe hummingbirds at the feeders.

The Casa de Seizo (Hospedaje Rumipata) is a small hotel, located at the end of a short road that begins just to the side of the hot springs. It is run by an elderly husband and wife, originally from Japan. They have tilapia ponds directly in front of the hotel and serve both tilapia and smoked chicken for lunch and dinner. Birds abound.


Netting tilapia, at Casa de Seizo (Britt Runyon photo)

Speckled Chachalaca (britt Runyon photo)

Speckled Chachalaca, at Casa de Seizo (Britt Runyon photo)

Blue-gray tanager, at Casa de Seizo

Blue-gray tanager, at Casa de Seizo (Britt Runyon photo)

9. MagpieTanager Oct312015_8012

Magpie tanager, at Casa de Seizo

Pale-legged Hornero Oct312015_8022

Pale-legged hornero, at Casa de Seizo

SocialFlycatcher Oct312015_8190

Social flycatcher

Social flycatcher

Social flycatcher

 Oropendula nests, species unknown

Oropendula nests, species unknown

The San Mateo hot springs are right next door to the Casa de Seizo. They are very nicely laid-out and maintained.


The entry to the hot springs


This banner at the hot springs reads: Tourism is the wealth of our city, our country and the entire world.

Large signs and posters, such as the above, are seen in tourist destinations in Peru.


The Sam Mateo hot springs resort (Britt Runyon photo)

We left for the PumaRinri Lodge, outside of Tarapoto, on the morning of Nov. 4. Here is the link to the following post:


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