Peru, the Rio Marañon. Day 25, 10/23/15


1. BreakfastFruitCamp#24 Oct222015_8742

Camp #24 breakfast. I really enjoyed our breakfasts of fruit – mango, papaya, banana – mixed with granola and yogurt

2. PuertoChurroFerry Oct222015_8744

Puerto Churro ferry

Cliff and rapid

Cliff and rapid

Upstream view of

Upstream view of above

Palaguas Rapid, CJ

Palaguas Rapid, CJ

2.4 Palaguas hole Oct222015_9250

Palaguas Rapid

3. AmazonCavern Oct222015_8748

Amazon Cavern

Fluted limestone boulder

Fluted limestone boulder

Barba surfs stern-first

Barba surfs stern-first

Jacaranda trees and sandstone cliff

Jacaranda trees and sandstone cliff

5. CJ Oct222015_8718

Downstream view to the west

 The Rio Silaco enters from the west

The Rio Silaco enters from the west

7. AgavesOnWall Oct222015_8720

Bromeliads (?) on a sandstone wall

Chinuña Rapid ?

Chinuña Rapid ?

Chinuña Rapid ?

Chinuña Rapid ?

Entering the flat, wide and long (50 miles) Cumba Valley

The canyon ends, and we enter the 50 mile long Cumba Valley


The town of Cumba is seen on the above map. The Cumba Valley begins above the town of Cumba, at Puerto Malleta (K. 501), where the Lower Grand Canyon ends. The Cumba Valley ends to the north of Bagua (which city is not on the river).

11. Ferry Oct232015_8665


13. UpstreamView Oct232015_8721

Upstream telephoto view

14. PuertoMalletaIceCreamOct232015_8723

Ice cream! Puerto Malleta, K. 501, upstream view

15. PuertoMalletaFerryKidsOct232015_8727

Friday afternoon at Puerto Malleta. A vehicle gets ferried across the river. Kym and Artie leave the trip here.

Campsite on island

Campsite in the Cumba Valley, on an island on river-left, K. 515

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