Peru, the Rio Marañon. Day 11, 10/9/15

We encountered little whitewater until our arrival at Carrizal Rapid, just short of K.190. A landslide had recently dumped into this rapid, raising its difficulty from Class III-IV to Class IV (or harder). The rapid reminded me of Shapalmonte, with a long upper stretch of randomly scattered rocks, followed by a sharp drop and a right turn as the river ran up against a wall.

1. CarrizalPedro Oct082015_9444

Pedro at the drop, up against the far wall. Note the dirt clinging to the cliff – a remainder of the landslide

2. CarrizalCJ Oct082015_9445

CJ follows Pedro’s line

3. CarrizalRocksWater Oct082015_9120

Near-shore rocks

4. CarrizalBritt Oct082015_9121

Britt, just after running the drop

6. BrittBarbaCarrizal Oct082015_9123

Britt and Barba, on the turn

7. Q.Maenchaca Oct082015_9124

At the mouth of the Quebrada Maenchaca, on river-right. We visited a farm located just upstream, finding ripe mangos fallen to the ground.

8. Q.Maenchaca Flower Oct082015_9125


12. Q.MaenchacaFarm Oct082015_9128

Farm house. Only three piglets were at home.

10. Q.MaenchacaFarm Oct082015_9126

Mango trees. New leaves are red.

11. Q.MaenchacaFarm Oct082015_9127

Under the mango, outside sleeping quarters

14. Q.MaenchacaFarm Oct082015_9130.jpg

Corn field and mango trees, looking up-canyon

13. Q.MaenchacaFarm Oct082015_9129

Corn field and mango trees, looking down-canyon

15. Q.MaenchacaFarmMangoTreeOct082015_9131

Mango tree, with a fruit-gathering wooden tool hanging on a branch

Karl, for scale, against a big mango. Downstream view to the river

Karl, for scale, against a big mango tree. Mangos lay scattered on the ground. You can simply pick them up, brush them off, and gobble them down. Deelish! Downstream view to the river.



My mango-stained beard

My mango-stained beard. Why is my shirt buttoned at the neck, with the collar up? You guessed it – the damnable biting flies!

Gravel bar

Gravel bar

Large wall

Large wall, downstream view


Chagual is seen in the above map. Here, the Upper Grand Canyon/Inner Gorge section ends, and the Central Grand Canyon section begins.

We arrived at the small town of Chagual, and walked over to the Hostal El Amigo “Kevin”, a modest enough place, where some of us rented rooms (“Camp# 11”). We enjoyed luke-warm showers, and were able to get our clothes washed. Kathy and I were provided a fan, which helped out a lot at night. Chagual was a hot town.


Chagual sign, as seen from the river

Chagual truck, with Che

Chagual. Truck, with Che and “Hasta La Victoria Final”.

Chagual bar and restaurant

Chagual. Bar and restaurant Yessenia.

Chagual main street

Chagual main street

Chagual Hostal "Amigo Kevin"

Chagual. Hostal El Amigo “Kevin”.

Cj sews up Britt's pants

CJ sews up Britt’s pants, ripped when an oar handle caught in his pocket

The first 11 days of the trip had been hard on our clothes. I had ripped-out the crotch and further destroyed one pair of pants, and was in the process of doing same to my two remaining pairs. I was directed to a lady who owned a small store just up the road, which included an “Internet Cafe” (a couple of computers stuck into a narrow space, where Barba spent much time online) and who also had a sewing machine. I talked her into doing some sewing for me, and she skillfully reinforced and repaired those two pairs of pants, at the cost of $10. CJ had said that Vicks Vaporub was good for itching insect bites, and I bought some of it at the store, as well. We ate dinner at a restaurant just a few steps down the road from the hostal.

Cj's banner

CJ’s banner, at the hostal

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