Peru, the Rio Marañon. Day 6, 10/4/15

We enter the Inner Gorge!

From camp, we floated the short distance down to Puente Jitaraxan, and, according to plan, Pedro soon showed up in a taxi. We assembled the cataraft and said goodbye to Marion and Luis. Now, our loads were lighter and our boats more maneuverable. Now, we were ready for the Inner Gorge, and most particularly, the much anticipated Wasson’s Landslide Rapid!

1. DownstreamView_SCN2832

Leaving camp

2. PuenteJitaraxan_SCN2833

Puente Jitaraxan

3. PuenteJitaraxanOct032015_9630

Assembling the replacement cataraft

We left the bridge around 11:30 AM and ran the two Rupac Class III rapids found just downstream.

Rupac Rapid

Rupac Rapid #1

5. DownstreamViewOct032015_9632

Boulder bar. On the far horizon is a mountain 12,765′ in height, which puts its summit 7,129′ above the river.

6. Rupac#2Oct032015_9633

Rupac Rapid #2

7. Rupac#2Oct032015_9634

Britt, in Rupac #2

8. Waterfall_SCN2834

Waterfall and travertine formations, reminiscent of waterfalls in the Grand Canyon, on river right

10. CerroHuaroRiverRight_SCN2840

A  limestone face truncates the end of a ridge coming off of Cerro Huaro, on river right. This mountain is 12,575′ feet in height, putting it at 6984′ above the river. The upstream view is from the vicinity of Potrero Rapid, at K. 110.

9. DownstreamView_SCN2837

Downstream view of the huge mountainside seen in earlier photos

11. MountainRiverRight_SCN2848

Downstream view of the continuing 7000′ high mountainside on river right

12. RiverSceneSculptedRock_SCN2850

Passing a sculpted boulder

13. BarbaQuartzite_SCN2854

Barba, and sculpted quartzite

14. SculptedQuarzite_SCN2856

Sculpted quartzite

16. SculptedQuartzite_SCN2858

Sculpted quartzite

15. SculptedQuarzite_SCN2857

Sculpted quartzite

17. LimestoneWall_SCN2865

The limestone re-appears

20. Camp#6BRITT_3409-547-PS4

Camp #6, approx. K. 116, upstream view (Britt Runyon photo)

This campsite will live in infamy, as the one where a scorpion nailed Zacarias. He had left his pants draped over a driftwood log at night, to dry. He got stung when, in the morning, he pulled on his pants and found that a scorpion had crawled into a pant leg during the night. He was in pain for the rest of the day. Here is the link to the following post:

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