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Aerial Photos – ABQ to Oakland, 4/2015

The Oakland – Albuquerque (and return) route provides some great scenery. Sometimes you get to see the Grand Canyon, or the Utah canyon lands further north, and you always get to see a section of the Sierras. Earlier posts have … Continue reading

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Spring Wildflowers Along the Rio, April 26, 2015 – #1

Spring Wildflowers Along the Rio, April 26, 2015 – #1. Following on the heels of the Sweet vetch come the Alpine wallflowers. In the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

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Pyramid Lake, NV. Apr. 17-19, 2015

Pyramid Lake, NV.  Apr. 17-19, 2015. The day after Kath returned from her visit to Cali, I got on a plane to Oakland. The plan was to spend parts of three days at Pyramid Lake with my son Ethan. We … Continue reading

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Avarice is defined as: “extreme greed for wealth or material gain”. Well … the USA has not seen this level of avarice since the Gilded Age (the period preceding the Great Depression). To the Republican Party, nothing is sacred, it … Continue reading

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The Caddis Hatch, April 10, 2015

The Caddis Hatch, April 10, 2015. On the Rio Grande, the caddis is primarily a Spring hatch, and is occurring now. This hatch often comes off  in conjunction with high and discolored water, which makes it hard or impossible to … Continue reading

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Mother and Son, Taos Box guides

In honor of Brahm Reynolds, taken by the river in 1997. The water and rocks in the rear of these photos is the flooding tributary, Taos Creek (Rio Pueblo de Taos). These photos were probably taken by Terry Conroy.

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