Female Black-chinned Hummingbirds

One is, of course, more attracted to male than female hummingbirds. Their great difference in appearance is called sexual dimorphism, and results from sexual selection. In polygamous species, males compete for the favor of females, and this competition results in the elaboration of certain male features – in this case, very colorful plumage. The girls remain drab. In monogamous birds, the sexes are much more likely to be identical, such as Canada geese.

But since females are seen in equal numbers to males, one cannot pass them up as subjects for photography. Here is a series of photos of female Black-chinned hummingbirds, which species sticks around our feeders all summer-long. You will notice in one photo that the female black-chinned has bold white margins on her tail feathers.


This hummer could be an immature male black-chinned

Black-chinnedHummingbird2 Black-chinnedFemale13 Black-chinnedFemale31 Black-chinnedFemale46 Black-chinnedFemale68 Black-chinnedFemales16

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