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Mt. Ritter, in the Sierra Nevada Range, California

The prior two posts showed, first, Mt. Ritter, and, next, the Minarets, to the south. I hiked in this area in 2010, in the company of my son Ethan, and grandkids Andrew and Quin. These mountains are included in the … Continue reading

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Quin and Gramps Funyak the Racecourse Run, on the Rio Grande

My grandson, Quinlan (aka QBall), is here for a visit, and today we funyakked the Racecourse together. Quin and Gramps, aged, respectively, 15 and 74! The river is running 650 cfs, a great fun level. Quin did great!

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Scrub Jay, Embudo, NM

We get some scrub jays around here in the winter, but don’t see them in the summer. This photo is from last winter.

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The Catalpa

We have a catalpa right outside our house. What a tree! It has huge heart-shaped leaves and a panicle (cluster) of orchid-like flowers, with a long, skinny bean pod in the fall. Its name is derived from the Native American … Continue reading

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At home, El Rancho, NM – 1979 to 1982

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You can do nothing if you try hard enough

On September 1 of this year, I will begin an unprecedented 100 day marathon. I will go nowhere and do nothing, in the name of no charity. You will be able to follow my progress on this blog by finding … Continue reading

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The Animas River, June, 1988

The Animas River drains the western side of the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, after which it joins the San Juan River in New Mexico. It first passes through the t0wn of Silverton (elevation 9308′), … Continue reading

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The White-winged Dove, Embudo, New Mexico, 6/19/2014

The White-winged Dove makes an occasional appearance around here. This dove first came to our feeder, before I scared it off. Here’s what says about it: “Originally a bird of desert thickets, the White-winged Dove has become a common … Continue reading

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Rinconada Flower Walk, June 18, 2014

Just a quarter-mile past the east end of Rinconada is an obscure turnout on the south side of the road. From there, a trail (formerly a jeep track) climbs gradually uphill towards and to the divide between Rinconada and Dixon. … Continue reading

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Piedra River, Colorado, 1988

We, a group of river guides from northern New Mexico rafting companies, gathered together to run the Class V Piedra River, in southern Colorado, in the summer of 1988. Of those on hand, four are still actively involved in commercial … Continue reading

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