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Miller Family, 1980

1980. We had been married and in our house in El Rancho for 3 years, Kathy was still making candles, while we were starting a new business – New Wave Rafting Co – and my folks were visiting from New … Continue reading

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Orangeville, Utah – 1980

My in-laws (Raymond and Rainie Hammerlee) were farmers. When Kathy and I married (1977), they had orchards in Simi Valley, CA. These orchards were eventually lost to suburban development. They also had a farm in a little town in Utah … Continue reading

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Moral Outrage

As the Republican Party (that other half of the American electorate) continues to reveal itself as the party of insatiable greed, we on the left get to indulge ourselves in evermore impassioned moral outrage. Moral outrage, at the very least, … Continue reading

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Western Tanager

I had been awaiting the arrival of these very colorful birds, who migrate through here in the Spring, on the way to their favored breeding locale in higher-elevation coniferous forests. Being fruit eaters, they’ve been attracted to our compost pile, … Continue reading

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New York City Street Scenes, 1980s -90s

After a week of being without my iMac, I’m back, with a new hard drive installed and lots more RAM. Allow me to introduce a major exhibition –  NYC street scenes, from the 80s and 90s. This show includes all … Continue reading

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Rinconada Canyon, Rinconada, NM

This is my name for an otherwise unidentified small canyon system that is found immediately east of the town of Rinconada, NM. A small drainage passes under Hwy 68 at the east end of Rinconada, adjacent to the NM State … Continue reading

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The Roadrunner Returns!

In late winter, a roadrunner visited our porch, on which occasion I was able to get some nice full-frame pix shooting through the window (see post of Jan. 30). Later, I photographed the bird perched on our travel trailer, calling … Continue reading

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