Bud Light Litter

Empty six-pack of Bud Light bottles, near Espanola, New Mexico

Six-pack of Bud Light empty bottles, white primroses and cholla cactus, near Espanola, New Mexico

My colleague, Britt Runyon, has a vast collection of photos of Bud Light empties. And here is my contribution to the genre. This photo was taken in the Espanola area; a clue to that location is the plastic that adorns the cholla cactus, seen in the background. The photo is from the Spring of 2003, this same time of year when the white primroses bloom.

There is no roadside litter more ubiquitous than Bud Light cans, bottles and packaging. I have, in previous posts, wondered about the motive or motives behind these acts of littering. What is it about that particular Bud Light-drinking culture that predisposes the drinkers to leave their trash behind? Some would say that they don’t even think about it, that it’s not even a conscious act, such as when a smoker seems automatically to open his or her fingers to let a cigarette butt fall to the ground. But, in this photo, you see that the bottles were placed back into the six-pack container, and that the container was placed upright on the ground. Is this not evidence of a well-planned and deliberate act? It may also be the case that, very simply, those who are drinking before or while driving wish to get rid of the evidence. I have supposed before that Bud Light drinkers are more likely to be natives of the state than otherwise, and I have further supposed that leaving their cans and bottles behind is a big “Fuck You!” to those more newly-arrived residents who don’t like the presence of litter along the roadsides. I view it as a sort of culture war. What do you think?


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  1. Don’t get me started, Steve. I’ll rant yer feckin’ ear off about this..


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