Taos Ski Valley, Last Day of 2014

On March 24, Kathy and I headed to California, to visit the grand-kids while they were on Spring Break. We returned in time to catch the last day of the season, much of which was spent at the Bavarian. The Bav was overwhelmed – the most people I’ve ever seen there. But it’s always a good time.

The front deck of the Bav looks right up at Kachina Peak. As part of the renovation efforts of the new ownership at TSV, the peak will have a new chair to the summit next year.  Many old-timers regret the fact that the summit of Kachina (and the runs that originate there) will no longer remain a private playground for those willing to do the strenuous hike. They are going to have to share the peak with the less hardy. But … everyone who is closely connected to TSV agrees that this and other developments are sorely needed, to ensure a more financially secure future for the ski area.

Kathy and me, on the deck of the Bav

Kathy and me, on the deck of the Bav

Kathy, with the Kachina lift, and Kachina Peak seen behind

Kathy, with the Kachina lift behind, and Kachina Peak seen directly over her head. On photo left are two of our ski school colleagues, Hank King and Kristi Vine

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