Ariel Sharon dies

Ariel Sharon dies. On the occasion of his death, many are wringing their hands over what to say or not to say about the man, including Barack Obama.

Sharon was a tough son-of-a-bitch who fought effectively for the continued existence of Israel. As a Jew, I support the continued existence of Israel, and am, therefore, thankful for Sharon’s (perhaps critical) contribution to that cause.

Israel is the favorite target, nowadays, of double-standardizing. Western politicos and scholars, who conveniently overlook our own colonizing past, are quick to point fingers at Israel.

What about our colonizing past, in fact? Or, our colonizing present, for that matter. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and vacations there. As concerns Hawaii, he is the leader of an occupying force. When on Hawaii, he sees, along the roadways, plenty of evidence of the call for Hawaiian sovereignty, which, one presumes, he ignores. The Native Hawaiians are, in fact, the “Palestinians” of Hawaii. They have no self-determination. They are the poorest inhabitants of the islands, living in the poorest housing. They sleep in the parks.  They suffer from addiction, diabetes and violence. They are the underclass.

So, for Obama, it’s best not to point accusing fingers at other nationalist leaders.

Hawaiian sovereignty sign, Oahu

Hawaiian sovereignty signs, Oahu

Hawaiian sovereignty sign, Oahu

Hawaiian sovereignty sign, Oahu

Native Hawaiian homes

Native Hawaiian homes

"No" sign

“No” sign

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