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The Greater Roadrunner

I coughed all night, and told Kathy in the morning that I wouldn’t go to work, and went back to sleep. When I awoke and looked out the window, there he (or she) was, standing on the porch railing. I … Continue reading

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Winter birds and more, January 2014

Drought in the Southwest It’s another warm day in January Too warm too many such days I sit by the river It’s ice-free the ducks and geese have only to duck their heads, or dive to find food This is … Continue reading

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Day Off

Day Off It’s my day off Jascha Heifetz plays on Pandora Brahms and through the window I see a bald eagle flying downstream On the porch, the feeder and seed block, newly installed, now attract birds a black-headed junco, a … Continue reading

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The “Bav”

Throughout the many years that Kathy and I taught skiing at Santa Fe Ski Basin, we always enjoyed having an Optimator beer at Totemoffs, in the company of our skiing friends and fellow instructors. Then we moved up the road, … Continue reading

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Ariel Sharon dies

Ariel Sharon dies. On the occasion of his death, many are wringing their hands over what to say or not to say about the man, including Barack Obama. Sharon was a tough son-of-a-bitch who fought effectively for the continued existence … Continue reading

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X-mas at the Griffins, Sierra Vista, AZ

Leaving NM on Dec. 19, 2013, Kathy and I traveled to SE Arizona to celebrate X-mas with our extended family, on Kathy’s side. In attendance was the Griffin family – Sasha, Greg and children Ethan and Brooke. Sasha is the sister … Continue reading

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The World Trade Center … again

The destruction of the World Trade Center is a central fact of our time. What does it tell us? My son’s initial reaction was: “The chickens are coming home to roost.” I thought that a little cruel, at the time. … Continue reading

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Hand and Foot

Hand and Foot The human race is losing the race By our own hand shooting ourselves in the foot So smart but not nice The most anti-social of the social species No appreciation for nature’s provision Nothing here to inspire … Continue reading

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Silent, stolid

Silent, stolid the tree is as alive as you and me The rock wishes that it were it’s future only to erode to sand or silt Yet … this silt and sand – this sediment – will likely recycle to … Continue reading

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Birds of Christmas, Dec. 2013

My last post advised that Kathy and I were about to head south for Christmas vacation with the family, in Sierra Vista, AZ. As also mentioned, we would stop at the Bosque del Apache NWR, south of Socorro, on the … Continue reading

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