The Destruction of the World Trade Center – a cover-up?

World Trade Center lobby, 1983

World Trade Center lobby, 1983

Kathy and I visited the World Trade Center in 1983. I have a photo of Kathy on the top of one of the Towers, holding a brochure that is titled: “The closest some of us will ever get to Heaven”. Another photo shows the signature of  George Willig on a piece of top side machinery. He climbed the exterior of one of the Towers in 1977. Other photos show the Joan Miro wall hanging, and the iconic lobby windows and lobby red rug. Kathy and I visited the still smoking wreckage in the Fall of 2001, and then in 2002 and 2003. Here is the link to my Flickr collection of the photos from all of our visits:

Why am I bringing this subject to your attention? It is because I have just viewed a 58-minute movie on the destruction of the WTC. The movie is the work of a group of architects and engineers who cannot reconcile the “official” version of how three WTC buildings were destroyed, with the evidence that was collected and analyzed afterward. Most surprising to me, in this movie, is the story of Bldg. 7. This building was not hit by a jet liner, but yet it suddenly collapsed to the ground in the space of 7 seconds time. It came straight down, just like buildings we’ve all seen footage of – buildings being taken down by controlled explosive demolition. And the Twin Towers both came straight down, as well. Series of explosions were heard at the time of the collapse of the Towers. Molten steel was seen in the footage and in the wreckage, which could  not have been caused by the fires. It was apparently caused by thermite combustion – the only kind of combustion hot enough to quickly melt steel. And more …

The evidence presented in the film cannot be discounted. I am, by temperament, not inclined toward conspiracy theorizing. But this movie has dragged me by the scruff of the neck to an acceptance of the fact that there has been a cover-up. No two ways about it. See for yourself. It’s only 58 minutes.:

World Trade Center wreckage, Oct. 2001

World Trade Center wreckage, Oct. 2001

So, now you have viewed this film and considered the evidence presented. Do you agree that this evidence cannot be discounted? Does it convince you that there has been a cover-up? If so, what then? What are we to suppose? Were explosive charges planted by  terrorists, to work in conjunction with attack by jet liners? It is hard to imagine that terrorists could have found sufficient access to the interiors of three buildings, to create such huge demolition systems. It is also hard to imagine that any group of conspirators could have remained undiscovered this long. Or … is one to suppose that the government – our government – was involved in some way? If so, for what reason? Was the government aware that the demolitions were the work of the same group of terrorists, but was afraid to acknowledge to the public their incapacity to detect and prevent an attack of this scale? Was the government the perpetrator? Was it done to justify the ensuing “War on Terror”, and the continuing abrogations by the federal government of our civil liberties? One is naturally disinclined to accept such disheartening explanations …

But is it possible to avoid the conclusion that, at the very least, the federal government, for whatever reason, is responsible for a cover-up?


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