Congratulations Home sapiens!

Congratulations Homo sapiens!
(You Wise man, you)
You’ve been fruitful and increased in number
You’ve filled the earth and subdued it
You rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky
and over every living creature that moves on the ground
You’ve done it!

How interesting it is
How unfortunate I am
to be on hand
for this penultimate episode
the beginning of the Great Undoing

I won’t live to see the story conclude
I can only wonder
if there is a cavalry that might yet come over the hill
If there is, still,
a chance to save ourselves from our own devices
If there is, perhaps, an app
for saving our asses …


About Evensteven

I am a photographer and author, and live in Embudo, New Mexico, alongside the Rio Grande. I have published a book of photography and accompanying text on running the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The first (print) edition is out of print, but a second edition is available as an iBook (eBook) through the iTunes bookstore. All Grand Canyon, river and nature lovers will enjoy my book: The Grand: I have also published six additional iBooks: 1. The Salt River: 2. Coyote Buttes: 3. Four Cornered, the Land: 4. Four Cornered, The Rivers: 5. Rio Marañon: 6. Rio Grande:
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1 Response to Congratulations Home sapiens!

  1. Britt Runyon says:

    Save My Ass App……………………..:)


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