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Three Score

I’ve had my three score and ten, and more and now as I lurch towards the finish line it’s nothing but a series of rude surprises Is it unbecoming an old fart to comment on his condition? Shouldn’t I just … Continue reading

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Shutdown … the House of Representatives, 2013

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives is using extortion to further its legislative agenda. That extortion consists of refusing to fund government operations unless the President agrees to make changes to the Affordable Care Act. The Founders, in creating a governmental … Continue reading

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Road Trip, 9/1 to 10/4/13. Part 3, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico

In the face of the government shutdown, which had, that day, supposedly closed the National Parks and other federal lands, we nevertheless left California in the direction of  southern Utah. Just after nightfall, we were relieved to find that the … Continue reading

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Road Trip: 9/1 to 10/4/13. Part 2, Idaho and California

We followed the Snake River downstream into Idaho, stopping at Twin Falls to view Shoshone Falls. We were in for a surprise, being unaware of the extent to which the river is seasonally drawn down to supply irrigation water to … Continue reading

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Road Trip: 9/1 to 10/4/13. Part 1, Colorado and Wyoming

Prologue: In August of 1977, Kathy and I honeymooned in Wyoming. The highlight of the trip was a 10-day backpack trip to Titcomb Basin, in the Wind River range. We had hoped to get spot-packed in, but it was too … Continue reading

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