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Japanese Tourists by the Boatload

I yesterday posted commentary and photos concerning the proposed tramway development on the Navajo Nation in the Grand Canyon (“Save the Confluence”). This tramway would carry tourists from the rim of the Canyon to within yards of the banks of … Continue reading

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Save the Confluence

  That is, save the confluence of the Colorado River and Little Colorado River in the heart of the Grand Canyon from a proposed tramway. The first photo is by myself (Steve Miller). The base terminal, restaurant and boardwalk will … Continue reading

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Better Business

Better Business If I told you I’m making a living running a small business you shouldn’t believe me, because my real business is raising hummingbirds It’s ridiculously easy. The infrastructure is a few feeders. Then you buy a big bag … Continue reading

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Waking up on most mornings is a relief – a relief from the horrible dreams I’m having. Dreams that I’m on the run, that everything has been taken from me, that my wife wants out of the marriage, that I … Continue reading

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You may think your GPS unit is the cat’s meow. It’s great for gettin’ around in cities, isn’t it? But how good is it in the country? “The country”, you say? What’s that? The country is the place that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Still fishin’

I know, that’s all I do … post pix of fish I catch. But, aside from sitting in the office all day, waiting for the phone to ring, that’s all I do. I mean go fishing after work. Practically every … Continue reading

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