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Facebooking from the Dawn Wall in Yosemite Valley

Professional climbers, like professionals in other sporting endeavors, want to stay in the public’s eye. This impulse has recently reached it’s logical extension on El Capitan, in Yosemite Valley, as the linked article from the NY Times reports. I spent … Continue reading

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Carbon Up 5.9%

In this article by Bill McKibben, it is reported that atmospheric carbon went up by 5.9% in 2010. At these rates of carbon increase, we don’t have long before the atmosphere is unalterably ruined – producing climate warming that will … Continue reading

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December 7, 2011 – Pearl Harbor Day, and my 4F

Today is Pearl Harbor Day and, coincidentally, Kathy and I will visit Pearl Harbor while on Oahu for the X-Mas vacation. Also coincidentally, Dec. 7 is the day (in 1963) that I received my 4F draft classification. A “4F” meant … Continue reading

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Wintering Bald Eagle Arrives

The most severe cold weather of the winter arrived today, and with it came at least one bald eagle. Guessing that this would be the day, I took a drive along the river and spotted this eagle in a favorite … Continue reading

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“We are facing a war of capital against all.” – Global Capitalism and Repression

Here is an excellent analysis that appeared today in Al Jazeera and was placed on FB by Common Dreams: Global Rebellion. Things are moving fast, nowadays.

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Consumption con’t.

The twin dynamic of population growth and an increasing rate of consumption threatens the world our children and grandchildren will inherit from us. Ultimately, it is consumption that is the major threat, since it appears to be the case that … Continue reading

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